Choices For Weight Loss

Choose-itís your choice

 Healthy-a healthy lifestyle

  Options-eat to live or live to eat

   Informed-this website will help to inform

    Choices-healthier foods and exercise


      Success for permanent weight loss

Welcome to our new site. The site is still under construction and hopefully will be added to weekly. Feel free to browse around and maybe leave a message on the board.

This site is about understanding the right choices of food to loose weight and keep it off. Climbing out of the pit of entrapment from making the wrong choices of refined, processed carbohydrates, harmful fats, and sugar filled foods.

When first looking at some of the ideas on this site you may think they are extreme. But are they? Choices, we make them. Do we choose the food for life, or the foods for our bodies to accumulate fat, and place us at a higher risk of illness and disease? Obesity is the main concern on this site, but it can also be informative to people that are just a little overweight. All the pieces of the puzzle working together for the bottom lineÖ.permanent weight loss. Water, low fat diet (less than 45 grams of fat per day), whole grains, legumes(beans, peas and lentils), fruits & vegetables, and a stable blood sugar. There is more information under "Obesity Facts" about stabilizing blood sugar.

Getting back to the basics is a key to the puzzle. That is eating natural foods as they are grown and yes a vegetarian diet except for fat free dairy products and egg whites. China for instance has a plant-based diet and has little concerns of obesity, heart disease and other major chronic diseases . For years I have struggled to keep the weight off only to lose it and gain it back time and time again. The information on this site gave me the keys to unlock the mystery of the puzzle. To better understand why it's so difficult to obtain permanent weight loss if you are obese.

Those things that taste so good, took me down the obesity road. Like my saying never enough, never too much. Sure in the past I have used food for a crutch. It's whatís eating you rather than what your eating. But is that statement true? When I used food for a crutch it was the pleasure food, junk foods, processed carbohydrates, high calorie, and sugar filled ones. These foods continued to spark the cravings, never enough. Even the artificial sweeteners played a role in keeping that sweet tooth and cravings alive and well, taking me down that straight and broad path of obesity.

This site a no-nonsense, zero-gimmicks desiring to help others in the difficult fight of making the right food choices for health. It is a difficult fight if you have a body that wants to store fat rather than to metabolize it. Yes it's a fight if you have tastes for all the wrong foods; yes it's a fight with those fast food and convenience foods on every corner and the thousands of food commercials on television that try to draw you in. Yes it's difficult when food labels are misleading.

But I have a Choice!

8 Glasses per Day


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